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006354:SPE-SWJ12L Vertical Type Rotating Screen Mesh Rack
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SPE-SWJ12L Vertical Type Rotating Screen Mesh Rack

This rack is mainly used for placing various sizes mesh in roll (with paper tube) .It can install 6-12 rolls normal mesh in the upper part according to needs ,and the semicircle part of the bottom can be placed about 20 roll mesh that not commonly used ( each roll diameter is 10cm) ; The rack can be adjusted from left to right according to the width of the mesh ,and it is siutable for mesh in roll with width from 1.27 meter to 1.65 meter; There are six castors with brake installed in the bottom of the rack , It can be moved at any time .It can guarantee the mesh to be clean, put in order,and it is easy to clip, the operating is simpler, convenient to use.


This rack is suitable for the merchant to sell mesh or use many rolls mesh , it can be used for retailing mesh, and it also can be used on the screen stretcher to make plate.

According to mesh number , quantity of each roll and weight. Each rack can install 6-12 rolls. At first user needs to confirm the mesh number, then rotate both sides disk to suitable location. Tighten the positioning screws of both sides to fix the disc,user can cut mesh and stretch mesh.

Installation methods:

Users can install the machine according to the installation manual (Note:all the screws should not tighten at first,fix them when finished all the adjustment.)

Adjust the three stretchable support rods in the bottom and back of the rack;Install the mesh in roll according to need ,length of the paper roll add 2cm ,it is the distance of the two disc, fix the whole rack as the distance of the disc,at last fix all the screws ,then user can place the mesh.

If place the 1.63 meter width mesh, length of the tube is 1.67 meter; The installation distance is 1.70meter.

If place the 1.27 meter width mesh, length of the tube is 1.31 meter; The installation distance is 1.34meter.


Using methods:

Tighten the 12 screws of one disc; Loosen the screws of the other disk, put the mesh into the long screws on both sides, and tighten the screws.

When using the mesh, rotate the disc to the right position, tighten the screws on both sides to the circular hole on the corresponding disk ,then fix them.


Product Code
Product Name
SWJ12L Vertical Type Rotating Screen Mesh Rack
HS code
Product Color
Machine using material
steel plate
Machine surface treatment
Electrostatic spraying
Attachment material
Stainless steel or zinc plating, nickel plating
Machine size
Net weight
Gross weight
Packing size
Packing volume
0.10 m3
Packing material
Export carton

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