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006326:SPE-GJJ Mobile Type Screen Printing Material Rack
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This product is required by the set of screen printing operation of the scraper, ink and
other materials and tools as one of the movable tool material rack; strong practicability,
convenient operation, improve work efficiency.

1.Screen frames placed area: can also place screen frames: 8.The screen frame and a length of 65 cm (25 inches); the width of45 cm (18 inches), each layer of the rack height of 5.5 cm (2 inches); 8 layers; the length and width of the screen can be placed in size (diameter) 65 cm (25 inches) and 42 cm (17 inches)within the various screen; such as screen too small, on each shelf on a layer of wood or cardboard as a plate placing screen.

2.Place the area: squeegee frame and a length of 9 cm (3.5 inches); the width of 26 cm (10 inches); each layer of therack height of 3.7 cm (1.5 inches); 12 layers; can also place the squeegee length of 26 cm (10 inches) above the squeegee 12. (such as the squeegee is too small, can be in on every shelf on a layer of wood or cardboard as a plate placed squeegee).

3.Steel spatulas placed area: the top platform area has 8 pieces 4.5 cm long; steel spatulas 0.3 cm wide inserting hole; and placed 8 to various sizes of the Steel Spatulas .

4.Printing ink or paste modulation and display areas: the area (excluding the Steel Spatulas inserting hole area) 63 cm long; 40 cm wide; and placed 10 cm in diameter and 24 cans of printing materials.

5.Mobile Type Screen Printing Material Rack? at the bottom there are four? two inch universal with brake casters; can move any direction in the work area.

6.Using 2-3 mm steel laser cutting process, beautiful appearance.

7.The appearance of the use of advanced electrostatic spraying process, acid and alkali resistance, high and low temperature resistance; friction resistance; rust, resistant to all kinds of cleaning cleaning agent.

8.the tool holder is installed at the bottom there are four two inch universal with brake casters; can move any direction in the work area.

9.the frame for the upper and lower three layers of design; users only need 15-20 minutes according to the installation diagram can be installed to complete.

10.the combination design makes installation machine for a long 85 cm; 80 cm wide; 80 cm high (0.54 cubic meters) of the frame of the packing size of only 76 cm long, 46 cm wide, 18 cm high (0.06 cubic meters), and inside the metal parts completely isolated packaging, not collide in the transportation process; up and down, left and right, both before and after the use foam board and board package And fully meet the quality standards of European and American products.

11.due to the volume compression 85%, the frame, whether by sea or air; in the premise of ensuring the safety of machine transport, transport costs greatly reduced.

The proposed use of the method:

1.the screen, the screen printing products to put screen frame squeegee steel spatulas and ink from the shelf to the tool frame.

2.the printing of all ink, thinner or pigment paste, placed in the hanging storage area adjustment; and modulation printing materials directly in the area.

3.the table of the tool holder is moved to the position corresponding to the printing machine on the installation screen - placed printing materials placed scraper.


5.after the completion of printing, the screen, then placed the scraper tool frame, move to the network box, scraper, inking knife cleaning cleaning again after placedinto the tool frame.

6.mobile tool racks to rearrange the shelf warehouse area.

Product Code
Product Name
SPE-GJJ Mobile Type Screen Printing Material Rack
HS code
Product Color
Machine using material
steel plate
Machine surface treatment
Electrostatic spraying
Attachment material
Stainless steel or zinc plating, nickel plating
Machine size
Net weight
Gross weight
Packing size
Packing volume
0.07 m3
Packing material
Export fumigation-free wooden case

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