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006015:SPE6252 Micro-adjust One Color Screen Printing Machine
1 set
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The printing area is 62*52cm, it is mainly used in printing some products within 60*50cm ,such as advertising board,cloth sheet ,iron box and paper box and so on.

The functions and features:

1. Width of the screen frame chuck is 37cm, it is suitable for screen frames within outer size 70cm.

2. According to the height of the substrate ,chuck of the screen frame can adjust 11cm from top to bottom.

3.There are micro-adjust knobs , the pallet can be micro adjust 2cm,from top to bottom,from left to right.

4.The balance of the screen frame adopts heavy metal sliding balance sheet; According to the weight of the screen frame to adjust the balance of the sheet and the screen frame.

5.When two sets machines used at the same time,change the suitable pallet , it can print products that size is 60*150cm.

6.This machine is detachable structure, the user can install and use the machine according to the specifications and configuration of the full set of tools .

Product Code
Product Name
SPE6252 micro-adjust one color screen printing machine
HS code
Product Color
Printing Area
Machine using material
steel plate
Machine surface treatment
Electrostatic spraying
Attachment material
Stainless steel or zinc plating, nickel plating
Machine size
Net weight
Gross weight
Packing size
Packing volume
0.07 m3
Packing material
Export carton

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