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Our mission is to help our customers to achieve maximum return on their investment through our reliable and fast response services. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Welcome to our Warehouse, we will strive to show you On-site Installation,On-site training.

We provide equipment set-up, training and consulting services by emails and phones. If you cannot solve a problem by reviewing the manual that was provided with your machine, please email us at [email protected] or derectly call us at 647 - 350 2889 . Once we receive your support request, we will analyze your request and contact you to efficiently solve your problem.A knowledgeable and friendly customer service staff available for technical assistance.If you still can not handle some computer problems ,we can use LOG ME IN to remote control your computer to solve these questions like some software installation,operation.

无标题文档 - 0k澳客网|0k澳客网

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